Love in Baltimore

Catch the love at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Thursday, August 23, 2012.
  • Bonnie Schupp has been recognized for her work by Kodak, Women in Photography International, the Kinsey Institute, among others. She has shown one-woman exhibits in the Baltimore-Washington area, and her photos and  articles have appeared in publications including Petersen’s Photographic, Darkroom Photography, the Baltimore Sun newspapers, the Baltimore Business Journal and the Photographic Society of America. The Love Effect is a play on the concept of The Butterfly Effect where a small change in one place can result in changes elsewhere, a concept that is at the heart of the Baltimore Love Project.

Learn more about the Baltimore Love Project and see photos of the walls completed so far:

Our Gravities

You have to love what you do in life or you will be wasting your time. If you work from age 25 to 65, you will have spent 20 million minutes doing that work. – Suad Amiry

The wife of a longtime friend gave an inspiring Ted talk which I share now. Suad Amiry talks about how it’s not so easy to do what we love because we have lots of “gravities” which wrap us and “at the end of the day, we find ourselves in a box.” 

Suad tells us that school, education, family, nationality, religion, country…all these things put us in a box. “We become prisoners of these boxes, prisoners to something we haven’t chosen in the first place and I find that amazing." She says that we take credit for things we never decided such as name, gender and nationality…it all comes in a package that you were born in.

"If you ask me one reason for the wars in this world is because of the adaptation of the gravities and the limits we put on ourselves. I hope that we believe we are all human beings and feelings are exactly the same and it's only a variation on a theme that we are Palestinians and Arabs and what have you...All of us seek to get rid of these gravities and be liberated from them."