Finding Love on Facebook

Stephanie donated a kidney to her father.

Say what you will about Facebook, but today I just experienced some exceptional humanity through this networking tool.

Stephanie Wills, a young woman in her early 30’s, donated one of her kidneys to her father who is coming home soon from the hospital. 

Ben Morris, a young man I taught in middle school and who I was often at odds with, cried at the birth of his new daughter.

Jiho, originally from Korea, wrote a wonderful tribute to his mother who just passed away. 

Facebook does more than let me see who’s drinking what coffee and where. If you look, it exposes us all as a community to our shared humanity. Anyone who thinks the younger generation is a lost one, full of self, has not looked beneath the surface. Of course, there’s the partying, profanity and general foolishness, but that’s all part of life and our common experiences. 

Look further and you’ll see compassion, caring and real feelings. As my 90-year-old father just told me today, “LOVE (his capitals) is the real purpose to life.”