Recipe For Fascist Stew

 Recipe for Fascist Stew
from Food section of Fake News Daily

You will need a large compliant pot and a ladle for constant stirring.

•    A gallon of water. (Make sure water is not from Flint)   
•    A can of scapegoats with immigrants for seasoning
•    A quart of fear
•    Unlimited lies
•    One ton of tweeting characters
•    Toss everything into the pot and turn on the flame.
•    Announce that you alone will make stew great again.
•    Sprinkle 10 tablespoons of  lies every half hour
•    Stir in 280 characters at least six times a day.
•    Simmer for four years.


•    Pour the slumgullion into red, white and blue bowls.
•    Serve only to those who rave about your meal.
•    Throw out the pot.

© Bonnie Schupp, 2018