Why Do You Take Pictures?

Photography involves more than the mere transfer of an image from retina to film or media card. It is a visual outgrowth of personal involvement and a vehicle of fulfillment thought creating.

I make photographs because, as a human, I am compelled to communicate. In the process, a part of me becomes merged with a greater world.

There is always a suggestion of control—something in the push of a button steals a second of eternity. Every time the image is captured, there is a smug illusion of omnipotence. And I suppose there are “intimations of immortality.” Each of us wants to leave behind some part of our uniqueness. The purpose of life is to matter—to have it make a difference that we have lived at all. 

Maybe it is conceit which makes us believe that no one else can express the world in quite the same way that we do. The paradox is that we believe our vision is unique through our eyes but, at the same time, universal through shared feelings.