365 Daily Snippets

Inspired by Paul Simon's The Dangling Conversation * and a beautiful leather-bound journal that my friend Shirley Brewer gave to me, I am taking notes on pieces of conversations I overhear each day in 2016. Snippets of conversations every day, strangers' words to one another, fall on my ears as I pass by. Smile...wonder...enjoy.


It's finished--my collection is complete. Every day of 2016 (except a couple when I was sick and confined to the house), I collected at least one quote from someone's conversation while I was away from home. What can I (or anyone) do with my collection? If you're creative you might:

* Write a poem by selecting a collection of the quotes. (I did this.)
* Use one to begin a poem.
* Use one to begin a story.
* Create a game.
* Draw a cartoon to go with a quote.
* Guess the context of the quotes...who said it, why, where, when.
* Merely read through them and laugh at some.
* Make up a quote to follow some as if you were part of the conversation.
* Don't read them and conclude that the person who did this as a 365 project is a wacky time-waster.

December 31

- I can smell shrimp already.
- Let's go to the bakery and get free samples.
- Because it says zero balance.


December 30

- I hit it with a brick.
- And so they had to go to a different school?


December 29

- Where is the other monster?


December 28

- Where did everybody go?


December 27

- She either had a fly swatter or a knife in her hand.


December 26

- I'm giving up football. 
- You lie so much.


December 25

- The women put a leash on me and I get a treat.


December 24

- You can rub his head anyway.


December 23

- Most "dear John" letters are nicer than that.
- It is a night of tragedy. That's what makes this business fun.


December 22

- No. I absolutely hated it.


December 21

- I can't sleep with the closet door open.


December 20

- He knows I'm not gonna hurt him.
- Cover up.


December 19

- I almost ran you over.


December 18

- Thanks for coming.


December 17

- I used to do that game hung over and standing on my head.
- Wherever you go, there's a good party.


December 16

- This is the only one.
- This is too eerie. Where's everybody at? 
- If you have a big family, it's worth it.
- Or two small boys with big appetites.


December 15

- You're gonna get one.
- You can't have any "m's" until you eat.


December 14

- That could have been cut down to 10 seconds.
- I went around the block three times.


December 13

- I have my favorites.
- I need to put enough hours together that I feel good.
- The first time I was there, I missed it. 
- I'm sure it was some joke or something.


December 12

- I never heard of it.
- What are you thinking about?
- You gave me another thought.


December 11

- She plants trees.
_ That's my favorite color and nobody knows it.


December 10

- Heads up.
- What's the key and why are we off?
- She said that you have to eat all of her feast if you want good things to happen to you.


December 9

- Look at the cheeks on that little guy.


December 8

- You can go through this door.
- Somebody's gotta do it. Why not me.


December 7

- I've got all the balls here.
- How the hell can you tell the sex of a baby by swinging a necklace over her somach? --Suppose a fan is blowing?


December 6

- I don't want to go. I want to stay here in the warm.


December 5

- You can come back.


December 4

- I love candy because you can put them in your mouth and suck on them for a long time.
- Oh God! It's a monster truck!
- It's all based on illusions.


December 3

- Every adjustment is a lie.


December 2

-  It wasn't an obstacle course was it?


December 1

- I'm tired of waiting.
- Feel free to come in and hang out with me sometime.
- I'm in a hurry today.
- Take your time.
- Mine is limited lifetime.
- He's got a fetish for shoes.
- She's gonna be a floater all around.
- She's slow as molasses.
- He wouldn't let me do anything. He said to sit and don't move.
- I wish they'd put the clock back up on the wall.
- It's a cute idea for people who...like...you know...


November 30

- They evacuated the dome.


November 29

- I know what that means.


November 28

- It bounced back.


November 27

- We didn't have anything yesterday either.


November 26

- You made all of this?!
- There a big elephant over there.
- The only advantage is that when I die, maybe they can use a child's coffin.
- Where is Santa Clause?


November 25

- We could all be out in the yard.


November 24

- He says, "I'm sorry. I kill you."
- We've got it figured out.


November 23

- Don't burn the turkey.
- Let's try it. Come on.
- I just didn't want to bump into anybody.


November 22

- Look at that face.


November 21

- It will be there tomorrow about 3.
- It's cold out there!


November 20

- Maybe I should get gray because it's neutral.
- Something you absolutely need to do.


November 19

- I made it up here all by myself.


November 18

- Put Dad in jail? It didn't seem right.
- A woman taking pictures of toilets!


November 17

- Oh look! There's one!


November 16

- Let's read the Bible together.


November 15

_ All you want to do is sit on your butt.


November 14

- And ... like ... well ... it doesn't really matter.


November 13

- Maybe you can let people know so they don't get frustrated.


November 12

- Look. Snuggle.
- Smell this one.


November 11

- It's not fun seeing all the young folks on the slab.
- You can't replace the sound of the used type going into the hell bin.


November 10

- It makes me happy because I get to see you.


November 9

- Come on. You gotta get with the texting.


November 8

- I use it hardly at all.
- It'll sit there for a week and then you'll throw it away.


November 7

- It was 29 degrees and he had every window wide open. I don't know what it's called but he has it.


November 6

- Peek out on the side of your dad's head.


November 5

- This is the fun crowd.
- An ever expanding circle.


November 4

- Everybody knows that. Everybody knows.


November 3

- This is so out there.
- My pussy has bigger hands than that.


November 2

- Anything behind those closed doors, only you know.
- The Berenstain Bears. Do you remember them? There's something about a parallel universe.


November 1

- I like to shoot. I don't like to edit.


October 31

- You don't have to worry. You have lots of hair. My rescue technique is to jum in and pull you by your hair. Bald men have no chance.


October 30

- I took it off the minute I did it.
- That's the hard part.


October 29

- Push it. Be careful.


October 28

- They called it "The House of Belch."
- I was accused of being a peeping Tom.
- My wife didn't like the idea of me putting a deplorable sticker on the Mercedes.


October 27

- Come to my house and you can play with it all you want.


October 26

- For a second there, I thought it said his phone number.


October 25

_ These are curly. I want the flat ones.


October 24

- It smells kind of weird here.


October 23

- They're squishy.


October 22

- He said no. A week later, she put me out.


October 21

- She said she wanted to die.


October 20

- I feel so free.


October 19

- They're putting a door up. That means we'll have to unlock it. That's not going to happen.

October 18

- His name is on the floor.

October 17

- Did you jerk off? I went like this.
- I was a little disappointed.

October 16

- I love you.

October 15

- I have a song that says that.

October 14

- The little dog would hide behind the door mail slot and bite visitors on the ankles.

October 13

- The chicken will fit in this little box.

October 12

- See your doctor if you don't feel better.

October 11

- I could say...

October 10

- These are from Cuba?

October 9

- Not in a bad way. It's just like who you are.
- It's very steady and constant.

October 8

- That's all I've got to sy.

October 7

- He said, "If you have a terminal illness, vote for me."
- Are there fewer arson fires now? The answer is yes because nobody is giving out free match packs any more.
- We're running out of sisters.
- He never explained why he was looking at wedding dresses.
- If they don't treat you right, body slam them.


October 6

- I think there are people who have something to say but they don't want to say it here.


October 5

- It's still money out.


October 4

- I did a good deed. He's a human being like me. I'd want someone to do that for me.
- Everything the church steeple casts a shadow one needs to be cleaned.


October 3

- Go ask that woman for the key.


October 2

Technology is scary.


October 1

- That would disqualify almost everybody.


September 30

- I don't know if they even talk to each other.


September 29

- That's what I would say would be my guess.
- It's time to do it.


September 28

- Do you remember what it is?


September 27

- I used to have one of those. It will put you to sleep. A Swedish massage. I hate it to end.


September 26

- Girls like boys with a big h.....
(I heard this much but couldn't hear clearly what the "h" word was. I started talking with the four young boys, probably high school age. I asked them to clarify the unclear word. They looked at one another, laughed nervously, and said, "Girls like boys with a big heart." They giggled some more. Why do I think they originally said, "Girls like boys with a big hard-on." ? Our conversation continued when they asked my advice on how to approach a strange girl. I suggested they say they think they might have met her before. Then the conversation expands from there. Another suggestion was to ask, "What's your story?")


September 25

- You're a good boy


September 24

- This town is biking friendly.
- Want to see a giraffe?


September 23

- They were having a conversation about how they were going to cover up.
- There's no shortage of opinions on that.


September 22

- You waited so patiently.


September 21

- All you do is complain about what the fucking time I'm coming home.


September 20

- It was the coolest spot at the end there.


September 19

- I think it's this one.


September 18

- It's a puzzle.


September 17

It's good to be playing.


September 16

- It simply rotted.


September 15

- I'm just yawning.


September 14

- What do you get when you cross a chain saw with a tennis shoe?
- I'll go out in a blaze of glory.


September 13

- I'm kind of overhearing your conversation.


September 12

- I'm not buying it.


September 11

- I'm very hard to embarrass.


September 10

- He owes me a party popper.


September 9

- You have it set on rapid fire.
- I'm too old to die young.


September 8

- The wild life. I haven't seen it.


September 7

- Look. She's paying with her watch.


September 6

- I don't know why they're out of order.


September 5

- That's part of who I am.
- It was getting super crazy.
- It never gets bigger.


September 4

- A door-to-door salesman came to the door selling cemetery plots.
- But it doesn't stop his wife.


September 3

- If I can find it.


September 2

- The water comes up through the toilet from the basement.


September 1

- I'm too old to get a ticket.
- I like the Pez outside.
- You bad! You pay!


August 31

- I found a short scale tucked away in the back.


August 30

- Thank you.

August 29

- Smell this.


August 28

- It makes it special.
- I direct sometimes.


August 27

- He's going to talk to me, listen to me.
- No, she's getting low.


August 26

- I don't know if I want to put it there.


August 25

- I visited Jersey for the first time.


August 24

- I don't know what I'm doing.
- I had my picture taken at the beach for my funeral.
- He makes such a big splash for someone so small.


August 23

- You runnin' your mouth?


August 22

We try to do everything during the day.


August 21

- There's no escaping.
- You gotta lock the door.


August 20

- Yeah. You do that. You indict me.


August 19

- He met a pack of wolves and had to out-ski them.
- No, no and no!


August 18

- Oh, so you still do that.

August 17

- Did somebody pee in the water?


August 16

- There will be more room in the bedroom.
- This way down.


August 15

- Send an email.


August 14

- I don't want to put things in the wrong spot.


August 13

- It's a great, great group.


August 12

- They tested me so the first place they took me was to the Block.


August 11

- I was ecstatic.


August 10

- All their mouths should be stuffed with socks.
- You have an octopus on your back.


August 9

- I didn't tell him to get out. He got out on his own.
- It smells like something died in my house.
- So like I should be having this conversation right away.


August 8

- Put your butt up against the door.


August 7

- I'm trying to stay out of the way.


August 6

- Try the grapefruit one.


August 5

-  Can you take it to the hurt book clinic and get it fixed?
- They didn't find out shit.


August 4

- That's just crazy. 
- It scared my grandmother. She couldn't sleep after she saw it.


August 3

I can't tell if I'm going in a straight line when I go backwards.


August 2

- Don't look at me.


August 1

- What does she want?


July 31

-  Be irresponsible. I'll be following you.


July 30

We were hiding in the bathroom.


July 29

- Don't let the princess push you around.


July 28

- Pull out. Put in. Good job!


July 27

- I don't know how many they have of those.


July 26

I knocked over a lot of cones.


July 25

- It was supposed to be a pool party.


July 24

- Do you want more room?


July 23

- I'm going to go to the other side.


July 22

- Cancer is an equal opportunity invader. So is alcohol.
- It's like...where's your spirit?


July 21

- You can ask her yourself.


July 20

- She's a warehouse cat.


July 19

- She was struggling all week.


July 18

- I see them.
- I understand.


July 17

- You're no longer a crab virgin.


July 16

- They're going to try to make it consistent.


July 15

- I never want to see you again.


July 14

- How long has it hurt?


July 13

- It was his job to tell anyone who came to the door before 4 pm to fuck off.
- I was mortified.


July 12

- And they're still not answering.


July 11

- What kind of meat do you use to catch the fish?


July 10

- It will lock itself.


July 9

So, are you done?


July 8

- They just don't think that way.


July 7

- I want the whole thing.
- That's a milestone to celebrate.
- That sucks, don't it?
- Would you do me a favor?


July 6

- He's an instigator.


July 5

- Way back when.


July 4

-  She laughs with joy. She laughs with verve.
- He's a magical man.


July 3

- There's nothing to take care about.


July 2

- I'm new to the loop.
- I could marry a rich black.


July 1

- It's when you click the "like" button.
- So what is the point?


June 30

- This one's open.
- Don't run in the street!


June 29

- I feel a string and am afraid to pull it.
- I touched it. I swear to you, I touched!


June 28

- I'm confused.


June 27

- What happens if there's no time left?
- Daddy has one.
- Fly to center.
- Found it!


June 25

- You just never know.
- It's right there for me.
- That was fun. We'll have to do this every year.


June 24

- Everybody came to say goodbye.
- People love us ecause we're totally nuts.
- They massaged it so it doesn't say "flag."
- I'm just sayin'.
- They had a wet dream of experience.


June 23

- How old is it?
- Do you believe him?
- They were petrified because their city was on fire.


June 22

- I've never done it that way before.
- When does school start?


June 21

-  I don't know what to tell you.
- Check it out and make sure it's ok.
- It was bizarre to see my dad get remarried.


June 20

- No, we're not going to have one.
- I was the one who found it. 
- I want to go home.
- She didn't hear you.
- I'll wait for you right here.
- It's not that way.


June 19

- Have fun, you guys.


June 18

- After you've spent all day and a million dollars you don't have...


June 17

- I tinker with reporting.
- He did what he was supposed to do.
- There's a halo.


June 16

- Umm-humm, umm-humm, umm-humm


June 15

- The way I used to be.
- I'm going to jump all the way.
- I'm not very good at it.


June 14

- If we do bump and grind, it probably won't be until near the end of summer.


June 13

- That'll save you some pennies.


June 12

- That piece goes over there to protect them.
- We all contributed to that.


June 11

- Hi hon.
- I don't want to be involved.
- It was pretty intense.
- It's very hard to tell.
- Then I started doing things and you are sound asleep.

- Singing in the rain.


June 10

- Shake it up.
- I don't mean to prod but...yes, I do.


June 9

- You want me to do something for 13 minutes?
- Why me?
- It says, "Save up."
- I thought that was you.


June 8

Thank you.


June 7

- The big oval is a ring light.


June 6

- I said stop that.
- Kind of ironic isn't it?


June 5

- I don't like the way language is evolving.
- You learn to eat before and again after.


June 4

- That could have been longer.


June 3

- I'm going to WWII this weekend.
- If you're dead, he's the man to go see.
- If my plane crashes, please tell everybody that I predicted it.


June 2

- It's been spurts.
- My wife is going to come after me here.


June 1

- I didn't feel anything.
- They always start out crazy.


May 31

- I'm sorry. What does this mean?


May 30

- This is the way we remember them and that's what we all want to do.


May 29

- It's been life changing.
- That was a brain fart.
- If you really want to wear a costume, then you should wear a costume.


May 28

- I'm so funned out!
- We are lost because of you. It's this way. No that way.
- You should be able to go back 10 years and see everything.


Maybe 27

- And then we became friends long ago.
- Is he under the bar now?


May 26

- Well, let's see what happens here.
- He didn't get much credit for it.
- That's a bad combination of classes.


May 25

- So we can roll out.
- You're a little more competitive.
- I don't try to analyze it.


May 24

- Is it just one guy who starts to push?
- All the alarms were going off.
- We have to teach them not to be afraid and to trust us.


May 23

- You should already have it.


May 22

- Doesn't that make you throw up?


May 21

- Your voice is completely distorted.


May 20

- It was the nightgowns that did it.
- I wouldn't try if I were you.


May 19

- It links to what you are struggling with.


May 18

- Three rounds and one square.


May 17

- I'll kill them both.


May 16

- It's going to die before we get home. It's already dead.


May 15

- I don't want to do that. They're regular people.


May 14

- I still tell people about how you came in.


May 13

- We have exceptionally low standards 
- What is the ghoul pool?
- What we need is for people to stop dying.


May 12

- I'm a good customer


May 11

- I knocked down four of them one day.


May 10

- No matter how long it takes.
- I tried to put fire on it.


May 9

- Take a rain slip.


May 8

- That's your good deed for the day.
- I didn't think it would be windy.
- That's a shame.


May 7

- I like the ATM. It don't talk back.
- I turned it on the yellow volume.
- You can't get out until we get to the paper towels.


May 6

- They're dumping more on us.
- Why doesn't everybody else go down that road?


May 5

- It turned itself off.
- You turned it off.
- I still love you.


May 4

- I'm not too concerned.
- Yes, echoes.


May 3

- Panning isn't easy.
- Oh shit! Oooohhh!!!


May 2

-I won't take it!


May 1

- It's a red herring


April 30

- Whatever I want! This is my day off.


April 29

- I don't like to do it but...


April 28

- I'm tired of poking people to tell them what to do.


April 27

- I'm watching you.
- It's not limited in size.
- That extra year made a big difference.
- I don't usually like gin but I like this Vir Gin.


April 26

- If I'm not there, he's not comfortable.
- What about winter?
- There's nothing wrong with you being aggressive either.


April 25

- We don't carry traditional slips.


April 24

- Get off of me.
- This will work, little white grubs.
- I think you'd make a great rock star.
- He's a dick head.
- Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!


April 23

- Mommy, I might be happy.
- That stuff will kill you...all that up and down.
- I gave pictures of all three of her weddings.


April 22

The hand of oh seven.


April 21

- She knows her stuff.
- I need another glass of wine.
- I'm pretty sure she doesn't like her dad.


April 20

- We bought a timeshare because the saleswoman had big boobs--that convinced my husband.


April 19

I went through all my money.


April 18

Those are the hot ones.


April 17

- You're a regular woman, right hon?


April 16

- Let's make it happen.


April 15

- We have a treat squeezing this afternoon.
- Give me the beaver tail.


April 14

- You panicked? Why?
- Spread your wings.


April 13

- The whole group? Talk about finding that little pocket!


April 12

- I say--give it up. It is what it is.


April 11

- It sticks out too far.


April 10

- If we don't get it back, I don't think we'll ever see it again.


April 9

-  Are you implying that I'm a mess?


April 8

- I would pick you up--as long as when I get there, you are dressed. 
- He misspelled his own name.


April 7

- You do Monopoly?


April 6

- The website was full of rants against gays.


April 5

- And that was good--the beating heart.


April 4

- There's no way that breast is attached to that shoulder.


April 3

- I like to see how they do it.


April 2

- That wiped you out.
- This one hurts too.
- I'm getting another tattoo.


April 1

- I didn't know where you were moving, so I gave up.
- In the prison, there were holes in the roof. When pigeons flew over, the shit fell on the prisoners.


March 31

- They did a black person already. They did it two times. Actually they did it three times.
- White city stories, he was black. Black city stories, he was white.
- I hear shots ring out and I'm like "oh shit!"


March 30

- My mother's getting on my nerves.
- You don't know what submarine races are?!


March 29

- When you're my age, there's an emotional investment.


March 28

- Where's the bubbles at?
- You'll live. Yes, you will.


March 27

- I love this tapping.


March 26

- I don't actually truly want anything.
- That was a most extraordinary juxtaposition I've ever seen in my life.
- I have four different boyfriends perse.


March 25

- Speaking of the snake pit league...
- There's too many bosses


March 24

- Now you know my struggle!


March 23

- Dirty fries, here I come!
- Get rid of your noodle.
-I've seen six figures but there's a decimal point.


March 22

- Look, Mommy, he has two eyes.
- Gotta get out!


March 21

- You can't tell who is crazy these days.
- There's people who come through the line talking on their cell phones the whole time.


March 20

- Are you looking for someone? Are you lonely?


March 19

- It was broken. I fixed it.
 - what is this place? Where are we?


March 18

- Where would the latex gloves be at?


March 17

- I'm good to go, honey.
- Looks like I have somebody to hide behind.


March 16

I have to make cabbage tonight.
I was hanging clothes and a snake bit me.
There was a coyote curled up on the porch chair.


March 15

A large what?
Oh, so you didn't know that.


March 14

All the way in the ack.
I said don't touch.


March 13

Where are we?
We are right here.


March 12

I don't know what I would make with it.
I'm going to try to squeeze in one more load.


March 11

Do you remember the enchiladas last night?


March 10

I love the leather!


March 9

- I started some seeds.
- What are you here for?
- They are singing to the turtles.


March 8

- Where's them eggs at?
- Hahaha. No, you shouldn't.
- They don't listen at all. And then they ask me why I yell.
- Here comes the bride.


March 7

- Something was in it with a fair amount of value.
- I got a good bang for it. I wouldn't be where I am now.
- Can I get the bad guys?


March 6

- Feel it. So warm.


March 5

- I think it's on all the time.
- No, elephants.


March 4

- I said, "Would you please put your clothes back on."


March 3

- I'm afraid. I worry about them being in the same room.


March 2

- Uh oh. She's got a gun.


March 1

- Toast and wine was real good.


February 29

- I know the feeling.
- It's not my fault. I had to give her my information.


February 28

- You have to slide down. There's no other way.


February 27

- It's called "The Lesbian S&M Safety Manual."


February 26

- You want to trade those?
- I know I'm cute.


February 25

- Hopefully I can get it by tomorrow.


February 24

- I didn't know they had cardiologists for cats.
- They have ophthalmologists for cats too.
- You and I would know but they wouldn't.


February 23

- You have to keep her busy so she'll stay on top of things.


February 22

-  I'm right back where I was at the beginning.


February 21

- Hmmm...that's different.


February 20

- I think it's a second-generation. There is a way they do it scientifically.
- It is not my responsibility to babysit a bunch of 40-something year old women.


February 19

- They're all a variation on a theme and me.
- If it sticks out, you have to pay.
- That's so funny! Every kind of fart! [uncontrollable giggles and laughter]


February 18

- Where are you calling from? Where are you shopping?


February 17

- Maybe I'm not supposed to be on it.
- Okay, so here's the story.


February 16

- Do you want your turtle?


February 15

- They tell the truth.
- He's the youngest one on it and that's saying something.
- They don't have an actual thing in here.


February 14

- No! Fuck! I'm callin'. I can not stay still!


February 13

- Hey, man!
- Step back out of this area.


February 12

- Was it a B or a D?
- I have a contact inside that says she's getting indicted.
- It's been basically empty.
- Damn, Frank, damn!


February 11

- Turn your head when you change lanes.


February 10

- Asher, all the yogurts fell down.
- Not if you get fired for stealing.


February 9

- I want to do it myself!


February 8

- He said, "I'm gonna come to church wit yu."


February 7

- We always meet you in the est places.
- I guess it's a hospital room, huh?


February 6

- Sounds like a winner.
- I'm not sure because it's ripped here.


February 5

- The guys come out with the baguettes.
- Something about a clown in a concentration camp.
- We're going to delay until next week.


February 4

- Savanah goes to bed at 10. How backwards is that?
- Last year they gave out cruises. This year it's $3,000.


February 3

- You can't just pop in there.


February 2

- You and Tammy are only friends. 
- Actually, I don't like cherries.
- I can't believe you'd do that to me.


February 1

- Big fish

- It's really been four hours. 


January 31

- For here or to go?


January 30

- I could take that "T" out.


January 29

- There was no sense moving the furniture from Johnstown when it didn't fit into my new apartment.

January 28

- Hello, Angel.

January 27, 2016

- I'm sure it's edible. 

January 26, 2016

- Nice orgasm.

January 25

- That's as far as you go. You've got that nice long drive.
- They've just barricaded the cars. 


January 24

- You know, I never thought about it.
- Maybe they never had them.
- Taylor, what's wrong?

January 23

- She's known me all my life and continues to call me Dawn. My name is Carol.

January 22

- They've just barricaded the cars. 


January 21

- You're a good driver.


January 20

- Estoy cansado.


January 19

- Mommy, look at the turtle!


January 18

- It mixed up ours with yours.
- Explain why you're pissed.


January 17

- We'd be squatting on the door.
- Grandma's hippopotamus.


January 16

- That's her ancillary thing.
-It must be hard to hear in that corner.


 January 15

- Sherry said the last time she saw you, you were walking in circles.
- My stepfather, he's 365 pounds. I said to him, "There's no more food." He said, "Well, I ain't finished yet."


January 14

- I turn it on silent.
- I didn't recognize you.
- Did she hit you for no reason?
- I can't imagine having to sell yourself like that. 


January 13

- We put it in the fridge so it stuck together.
- Why are you laughing so loud?
- Is your phone dead?
- You'll have plenty of recovery time. 


January 12

- It would change his life.
- It was not what I expected.


January 11

- They've been running for 500 years.


January 10

- It's Smalltimore.
- I guess it's my time.
- You could have pushed the gender exploration more.


January 9

- I know there is but it's been on the floor.
- Do you know where it's supposed to be?
- Like the girls do anyway.
- Tell the truth, right?


January 8

- They adopted--adopted a dog, not a baby.
- He's got your style.
- How do you feel about it?


January 7

- I put too much in the cup.


January 6

- What is there about love that says you have to be with only one person? It's not like you don't have enough love for more. I know some people in three-way relationships.


January 5

- It's amazing what you can do with that.


January 4

- Connect to an external hard drive to save your important stuff.


January 3

- I'm new to this area.


January 2

- Hold on tight.
- Want to do it again?
- Keep pumping your feet.
- The ground will slow you down.
- Again!


January 1

- Because nobody is preparing for this.


Prelude ~ December 27, 2015

- There was a moment in my life.
- I think he might have had one.
- So...like...I'm dumpster diving at Goodwill.

* The Dangling Conversation~ Paul Simon

It's a still life water color,
Of a now late afternoon,
As the sun shines through the curtained lace
And shadows wash the room.
And we sit and drink our coffee
Couched in our indifference,
Like shells upon the shore
You can hear the ocean roar
In The Dangling Conversation
And the superficial sighs,
The borders of our lives.

And you read your Emily Dickinson,
And I my Robert Frost,
And we note our place with bookmarkers
That measure what we've lost.
Like a poem poorly written
We are verses out of rhythm,
Couplets out of rhyme,
In syncopated time
And The Dangling Conversation
And the superficial sighs
Are the borders of our lives.

Yes we speak of things that matter,
With words that must be said,
"Can analysis be worthwhile?"
"Is the theater really dead?"
And how the room is softly faded
And I only kiss your shadow,
I cannot feel your hand,
You're a stranger now unto me
Lost in The Dangling Conversation
And the superficial sighs
In the borders of our lives.