Day 304 Touching Lives

October 9, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

Former student, Rachel, on a field trip I organized.
I did not realize that October 5 was World Teachers’ Day, held annually since 1994. According to UNESCO, “This year World Teachers’ Day highlights the need to empower all teachers through the provision of decent, safe and healthy working conditions, trust, professional autonomy and academic freedom.”

Today I was reminded of World Teachers’ Day when a former student, Rachel, posted a meme with a message, “Please tag a teacher you love, share with any educator who has made a difference in your life – give thanks to the teacher in your life.”

I was tagged, “Bonnie…for me, it was you who touched my life so incredibly deeply! You have taught me so much and you helped nurse my passion for writing by always encouraging me! Thank you for everything you did for me all those years ago!”

A number of my Facebook friends are former students, some dating back to more than 40 years. Middle school teachers do not expect to receive thanks from kids who, during those three years, are at an in-between-hormonal-tumultuous time in their lives. Many teens just want to forget those years—and do.

However, I have heard from some who have apologized for being bratty in my class and others who have expressed appreciation. Facebook began a few months before I left teaching in 2004 and it has facilitated searching and connecting today for students and teachers. I like to learn about the adults that my former students have become.

Ever since I was very young and asked myself what the purpose of my life is, I said it was to make a difference—not by inventing something great or discovering a cure for a disease or becoming President, but in the small and significant ways that I connect with other human beings. I still believe this.

My gift today is a thank you.

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