Day 306 If Lyrics Were Leaves

October 11, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

Musicians Dirk Hamilton and son, Chavis Hamilton.

David and I spent some time today with Dirk, who travels to this area once a year, his son Chavis and Georgie. Last night they performed a house concert but today was relaxed at Georgie’s with feet up and a Ravens game on the screen. Dirk Hamilton is a musician who cannot be boxed in with one adjective. His lyrics show depth, wit, humor, love and encompass the soul of humanity. Lines stay with you long after the music is over—lines like Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. Titles like sufferupachuckle, Billboard on the Moon, Meet Me at the Crux and The Relative Health of Your Soul Inside draw you into his music.

Think on yourself and how you’re living
Count up the love you get then add it to the
love that you’re giving
subtract it from the times that you run and you hide
The answer you get is the relative health of your
soul inside.” 
~ Dirk Hamilton, The Relative Health of Your Soul Inside

He has somewhere around 17 albums and another on the way. If lyrics were leaves, Dirk's would fill a tree.

Today I took photos of father and son, some with a guitar, many with laughter and silly faces. Chavis is also a musician, a promising one who showed some of his father’s influence in his performance last night. Like his father, too, he is an interesting and decent human being. There are many good photos from today but the one that drew me in was a mistake. I suggested some fun shots with their faces pressed against the glass in the kitchen door but when I forgot to set my camera on manual focus, it automatically focused on the reflection of trees and threw their faces out of focus.  That may be my favorite from this afternoon, spending time with two old friends and a new young one.

My gift today is spending time with friends.

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