Day 310 Helping Hands

October 15, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

This Buddha was a gift to me from a friend many years ago.

Kindness should become the natural way of life, not the exception.” Gautama Buddha

Last week, I told David that I was going to mow the lawn because, after his surgery in September, his body needs to recover. I went out on errands and returned home to a large freshly mowed lawn section.  My husband had mowed the lawn, in spite of everything. He said he didn’t want me doing it with my asthma. I was prepared with a mask and emergency medication but he was stubborn.

Tonight there was a knock at the front door. Our next door neighbor wanted to know how David was doing. We talked for a while and he said all we need to do is tell him it’s time and he will mow our lawn with his tractor. “You shouldn’t be doing it,” he said to David. “With my tractor, it’s nothing for me to do. There’s no reason you should be paying someone big bucks to mow your lawn.”

Years ago when another neighbor fell off his roof and was taken by helicopter to shock trauma, David went to their back deck where the fall took place and cleaned the blood from the accident spot. He felt that the wife had enough stress and that the sight of blood was one she didn’t need to see. I don’t think David ever mentioned it. 

They say that what goes around comes around. 

My gift today is kindness.


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