Day 312 Maze

October 17, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

After a sound sleep last night, my sisters and I arose and dealt with a simple breakfast. Since our breakfast nook area in the basement was on the dark side and outdoors was calling me, I took my breakfast outside to eat. It was a chilly, bright day. I could not make myself stay downstairs in a dark area when nature was beckoning. I ate breakfast outside, met our host Becky who is also a teacher and enjoyed the beginning of a bright day. I encouraged my sisters to eat outside also but the cold bothered them too much. 
We eventually went to Harper’s Ferry and walked about, going in and out of various shops. We began our Christmas shopping. One of the best stores was a fair trade store, a business that encourages arts and crafts in third world countries and pays a realistic wage to the artists. There were hundreds of interesting things, many made out of recycled material. 

After that, we found a cornfield maze and dared to enter, although we all agreed that we might have been more reluctant had it been after dark. Step by step, we made our way. I was under the assumption that there was a center we were attempting to find, like a British labyrinth I once navigated.  This one seemed to have many false centers, however. I wonder how many false centers I have encountered in my lifetime and if I have ever recognized them.

Maybe the object of navigating a labyrinth is not to find the center but to feel successful when you are able to find a way out. Does it matter if I end at the beginning rather than the end? Does it matter if there is no center? Perhaps the journey is enough.

My gift today is a journey through a labyrinth.

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