Day 279 Baked Potato

September 14, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

It’s no secret that hospital food is not the best, especially when on a restricted diet such as low-residue. For dinner Sunday, David tried to order a baked potato but was told he couldn’t have it because it was high-residue—at least the skin was. He told them he doesn’t eat potato skin and would they just scoop out the potato and send that to him. In spite of common sense, there was no budging on this issue. 

David was not going to give up. He had heard there was a secret Marburg 3 menu with dinner for $35 and with assistance from the patient representative, he ordered a last dinner to remember for this hospital stay. Dinner was delivered at 6:10, exactly on time, with a special cart (no hospital tray for this meal!) covered with a golden tablecloth. David had ordered steak, asparagus, cheesecake and baked potato (finally). Included in the full gourmet meal was lentil soup and shrimp cocktail that I ate. All this and Tom Rush music on iTunes radio playing on my Bose Bluetooth speaker and fresh air streaming through the window. David mentioned that all we needed to complete the somewhat romantic atmosphere (punctuated by hospital loudspeaker calls for various staff) was a candle. 

After his baked potato victory, David suggested that we walk to the nearby balcony patio where I took a few photos—as if we needed reminders of his latest hospital surgery. 

My gift today is shrimp cocktail.

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  1. My gift today is two happy, healthier friends who are no longer required to eat hospital food. Much love to you both...

    And did you know that baked potatoes are a #1 cause of food poisoning in the U.S? Learned that in my health department class. If I'm remembering correctly...the tin foil actually protects the bacteria.

    1. We never use foil ! David makes sure restaurants do no serve him potatoes that have been baked in foil--even if they remove it. It seems a fork must have pushed a tiny piece of foil into a restaurant potato and David's tooth filling reacted to it. Love to you too.


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