Day 264 Mallets

August 30, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

It wasn’t the ride to the Eastern Shore, smooth sailing with little traffic. It wasn’t time on the beach with two Belarusian women who had never met any ocean. It wasn’t the walk on the beach, with the roar of the ocean waves and the skittering piping plovers. It wasn’t the walk on the boardwalk with sounds and smells stirring up senses from my childhood. It wasn’t the steamed crabs.

All these things were enjoyable, but the best thing today was a crab feast with daughter Lauren, son-in-law Matt and our two Belarusian visitors in Ocean City. We met Lauren and Matt as they docked their boat at Captain’s Galley and instructed granddoggie Roxy to hold down the ship.

Kate and Regina had never eaten Maryland steamed crabs, and Matt kept asking if they knew what they were getting into. Lauren laughed as she envisioned their reactions to brown paper for a tablecloth and wooden mallets instead of proper silverware. 

The steamed crabs arrived and Kate and Regina received instructions on how to eat their dinner. Matt asked them questions about their country, Lauren laughed joyfully and David made silly jokes. As it turned out, these Belarusians were very smart and caught on to the Maryland tradition of devouring steamed crabs. We all washed down our meal with two pitchers of beer.

No, it wasn’t the crab feast that was the gift, but rather the catalyst that the spicy crustaceans created for a fun time. It was the laughter, friendship and pure joy that were the gift.

My gift today is laughing together at a crab feast.

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