Day 109 You who are enclosed by ice

March 28, 2015

 (This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

Talented Dijé Coxson sat in diner booth after singing Tu’ che digel sei cinta.

The Baltimore art scene is flourishing. Baltimore Style Magazine listed Baltimore among its top ten big cities for art. Although I hate to miss anything, there is usually more going on in the city than is possible to attend.

Tonight I shot video of the New Mercury Nonfiction readings at the Windup Space in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District where we listened to transgender Tyler Vile read her poetry, David Sterritt read from his book about Clint Eastwood, Nancy O. Greene talk about becoming a Catholic and David Eberhardt who was incarcerated for pouring blood on draft records with Father Philip Berrigan to protest the Vietnam War. 

Then we went to G&A Coney Island Hot Dog Restaurant for another reading to celebrate the new baseball season featuring former Oriole Mark Belanger’s family and to raise money for Mother Seton Academy. Oriole orange was a dominant color. My husband David Ettlin and Jen Michalski were readers.  Among other items on the program, talented Dijé Coxson sang Tu’ che digel sei cinta (You who are enclosed by ice) from Puccini’s 1926 opera Turandot. The last stop for the night was Gallery 788 in Hampden for the Fun-A-Day closing reception where I was one of the artists.  

Such variety is part of Baltimore’s charm and quirkiness and is the norm rather than the exception. Poetry, religion, movies, peaceniks, hot dogs, Orioles, Puccini and art—all in one night. It may be only in Baltimore that you can eat hot dogs, sing the Star Spangled Banner and listen to opera without moving from your seat.

My gift today was opera in a hot dog joint.

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  1. Thanks...That was a really cool article and a great picture. Dije is in her second week at Peabody and I will pass this along to her. This is a link from the O's when she sang on 8/31.


    Rafe and I went on the field with her along with her roomie and another student. Phoebe joined us in the 3rd.
    Rafe and I were also at 13 inning marathon Tues completing our 2 games year pledge.

    Hope all is well with you and David. He had me in stitches at my last trip to Aging Lunch with his "subs" story. The man is a true Baltimore Treasure

    I will check back here for more of your stories...take care..Tyrone


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