Day 50 - Shifting

January 28, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

A second or just a few minutes, a brief time — when light falls in a certain way or wind lifts the corner of a curtain—reveal something in a new way. These are fleeting moments offered to us every day—like the way light catches in a friend’s eye as she shares a story with you or a shadow falling on a piece of trash—that can stroke something deep and unknown inside. Some people accept those moments and then release them; others hold on to them and summon them in a future creative moment. Some never notice.

Today I poured water into a glass to take my vitamin D and for two minutes, the sun had positioned itself to cast shadows, concentric circles, patterns and highlights on the kitchen counter. Knowing that this scene would not last more than a couple of minutes, I forgot about taking my pill and I grabbed my camera. I think this is part of the photographer’s belief that she can capture time and create a tangible instant.

Regardless of my hubris, moments like this do much to change the way I see things—forever. In the future, I will not hold this glass or swallow a vitamin D pill without envisioning a scene of concentric circles and highlights on the kitchen counter, the result of the juxtaposition of sun, glass and surface during a narrow opening of time when I just happened to be there. These fleeting moments reveal new dimensions, new layers that shift my perception forever.

My gift today was a moment.

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