Day 24 – Pink Pitcher

January 2, 2015

 (This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

Since my father passed away on December 2 last month, my sisters and I are spending time clearing his apartment. We take turns choosing what we want and then relegate the rest toward donations or items that other family members might want. I am not interested in valuable items or much of anything at all., with the exception of photos.

Today as we perused various items spread out on the coffee table, a glass pitcher stood rejected by all three of us. I have no use for a glass pitcher, with a small chipped piece, but as I observed the way light played on it, I decided to bring it home. There was something about the way its colors blended gently with light pouring through the glass that called to me. Light and shadow melted together. Pinks, yellows and blues mingled so it was impossible to see where one color began and another ended.

Blending is what drew me to this pitcher and the idea of the importance of coalescence in relationships, life choices, life and death, and the way we create peace within ourselves. My sisters and I were melding memories of our father with these inanimate objects in front of us. The objects are not important except for how they fuse his life, our memories and love which will flow forever in our days.

Alone, I am one, but blended, I become part of the fluidity of life.

Today's gift is blending.

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  1. These are really marvelous, Bonnie. Thank you. And you are inspiring me. My own birthday is coming up, and I do like the writing and the picture taking…. It's a daily assignment, however. Not for sissies.

  2. When is your birthday? I assume you are turning 29? You are is not for sissies. You really have to be determined and put it near the top of priorities.


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