Day 38 - Conduit

January 16, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

My husband David turned 69 today. (He’s just a little behind me.) We celebrated with a cake at Romans at the Aging Newspaper Men’s Club (and young women’s auxiliary) and again with a cake I made at the steering committee meeting for Creative Exposure Baltimore. It has been ten years since I’ve made a cake and I’m pleased that it actually turned out. David certainly deserves two cakes and two songs with off-key singing.

Not long ago in a conversation, one of his friends reminded me that so many people love him. Then she used an interesting word to describe him. Conduit. She said she thought of him as a conduit of all things good. Interesting word and one that gives me thought. A conduit is a channel for conveying something, normally used in the context of a pipe or tube through which something passes.

Yes, he is a conduit—of humor, talent, caring and love. His clever puns never stop and he always puts an odd twist on everything. When I take things too seriously, which I often do, David is the one who finds the lighter side of things and I can’t help but laugh. His talent for words, their meanings and their juxtapositions, flows and I am forever amazed at his scores on Words With Friends. I never win a game with him. He cares about journalism and often calls in corrections to the Sun. Even more, he cares about people—family, friends, strangers. Nothing is too good for his family, he embraces his friends and sometimes goes out of his way for strangers. 

Most of all, he is a conduit of unconditional love which is the greatest gift. 

Today’s gift is unconditional love.
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