Day 33 – Good News for a Change

January 11, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year about gifts that each day brings.)

At first, I was not going to turn on the news this morning. I was tired of being inundated with reports of hatred and division. A few minutes later, I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes tearing up. The screen was filled with good news; the commentators were talking about an amazing rally in Paris.

This was not a typical political or jingoistic rally. It went beyond that and deeper. It was about unity. Perhaps as many as a million people had gathered to announce that they stood united. The assassinations at Charlie Hebdo and the other events surrounding that incident became a catalyst for diverse people to show singularity. Some in the crowd were offended by the political cartoons of the satiric publication but they were hundreds of times more offended by the slaughter and the intent of radicalists who want to murder free speech. They defend freedom to be blasphemous.

The many voices of diversity are speaking as one voice for what we as brothers and sisters of the human race cannot accept— and what we can become…together. Call me an idealist but I’d rather live with a sweet taste in my mouth than the bitterness of cynicism. I’d rather live each day with hope for how we can evolve.

Je suis toi et tu es moi. Nous sommes unis dans l'espérance pour l'humanité.

Today’s gift is hope.

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