Day 355 Play Matters

November 29, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

A Rorschach?

My calendar with no medical appointments or social events leaves me time to browse through some of my images and play with them. Some people play games or an instrument. I do both of these, but I also have fun with my photos. Often the process flows from beginning (raw image) to end with little memory of what happens in between. As I look at an image, press keys, zoom in, vary colors, crop and transform, the flow seems to be an intuitive journey from unknown, to what if, to possibility. Sometimes my left brain switches on to get from one middle step to another but most of the time my right brain gets an aerobic workout. 

Today guides me to color and texture, a contrast to the weather drabness outside. Finding balance in a day usually has a connection to contrast between two elements—chores and play, monochrome and technicolor, pareidolia and reality, past and future. 

When I work with patterns and textures, sometimes they become a Rorschach for me. I remember when my youngest daughter was about 2 ½ and I gave her a dish of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on top. With her spoon paused midair, she giggled and shouted, “Man’s face, Mommy!” Adults can learn from the very young. Every day for me has a Rorschach surprise, whether it is in the clouds or in the gumballs on the ground. It becomes a day of constant little surprises.

Play is training for the unexpected.” Marc Bekoff

My gift today is creative time. 


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