Day 327 When Will Bob Be Naked?

November 1, 2015 

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.) 

When he was a reporter, David used to cover the circus. One day he received a call from a Robert Weigel, a circus lover who read and appreciated his stories. He wanted to show David circus models he had built. David went and admired his models and came back with a small Japanese red maple, one of many that Robert had on his property. That tree was named Bob and is thriving in our front yard.  Although Bob is a male name, he leaves some new saplings here and there too.

This tree brings us pleasure, especially this time of the year. Its leaves turn a vibrant red, a last hurrah before these leaves release their hold on a windy day. Every time we leave our house or return, Bob is there. When I turn my head to the right as I sit here at my computer, Bob is there. When I am having a bad day in the fall, I look out my window and absorb the wonder that I see. 

Every year, David and I speculate when the leaves will drop. If the wind is strong, red will spread throughout our front yard. However, if the wind is just the right kind of gentle, it will nudge the leaves so that, instead of taking flight, they drop quietly and, like an offering, create a brilliant red circle around the tree’s trunk. It is our autumn altar of praise. Bob continues to hold tightly to his leaves for now, but I never know when I will wake up and he will be naked. 

My gift today is brilliant red.  

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  1. buMy gift yesterday was "forgive and let go. Tomorrow is a new day". This was said to me by a friend in a particular "return to getting healthy" website. It applies to eating choices we make, how we treat ourselves, and it also applies to some of the interactions we have with others. My gift today is forgiving myself.

  2. And Bonnie, that previous comment should have gone in my journal, not yours. I love your physically bringing Bob into your family. And your cherishing of the passing moments in his life breathes spirit into him. Your appreciation of the often overlooked gifts within our sight, physical reach, the aromas and fragrances, and our memories, new and old is a great gift to me. Thank you for sharing the gift of Bob, a cherished member of your family.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. As of today (Monday), Bob continues to cling to his leaves which are even more vibrant than they were yesterday. Any day now, they will drop.


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