Day 331 Eroticism

November 5, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

Mannequins and traffic cones

Tonight I was one of the artists at an erotic art show opening at Gallery 788. Eduardo, the gallery owner, has put on this erotic show for seven years and its popularity was evidenced by long lines for hours outside the street entrance. The art and especially the performances drew crowds and money was raised for Planned Parenthood. My piece, a street shot of a mannequin strategically held up by a traffic cone, takes on a colorful and humorous tone with help from Photoshop. 
The event started me thinking about the difference between eroticism and pornography. They both arouse sexual desire but porn stops there. On the other hand, eroticism goes beyond arousal to offer aesthetics, thoughtfulness, humor and new ways of seeing. For example, an image of a nude body in fine detail might arouse but if the artist depicts the body as a landscape of light and shadow, hills and valleys, the viewer experiences more. The erotic appeals beyond carnal appetite and transcends art which is only evocative. Pornography is sex without a relationship while eroticism is sex with a relationship that carries the viewer further than the prurient. 

Bottom line though is that definitions come down to personal taste. Whatever one’s artistic tastes, the highlight of this event was people watching. It was an eclectic group in age, personality and dress or undress (with an absence of obvious religious garb). Even Baltimore’s Mr. Bowtie, after waiting in line on the street, arrived in his green Bermuda shorts and bow tie. Tonight was a feast of an experience.

My gift today is a smorgasbord. 


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