Day 262 Who?

August 28, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

A horned owl, somewhere at the top of these trees, asked me a question.
I have to accept that I cannot see everything. At Downs Park today, I heard a frog singing in the grass, probably three feet from me. When I moved a few inches closer, the sound stopped temporarily and then started again. Afraid I might step on it, I bent down and rustled the grass, thinking that I would see the frog leap to another spot. No luck. It kept taunting me but eventually I had to give up.

Then, high in the trees—somewhere—I heard a horned owl. I could have sworn that it was asking me a question. “Whoareya who who who? Whoareya who who who?”

Why is the owl asking this? Maybe to check how I define myself today? One answer is that I’m not the person I was yesterday and I’m not the person I’ll be tomorrow. Or I could say: I am flowing with time, evolving, living each day.

Several years ago, I did a photo and words project that was exhibited in five galleries. Nearly 100 people representing 15 countries defined themselves in one sentence beginning with “I am…”

My definition then: I am a child of the universe who lives a rich life of creativity, connections and possibilities.

I don’t think these two statements are contradictory and they both certainly would apply to me still today. What I notice in my new self-definition is that I’ve become more aware of the passage of time and the importance of being in the present.

My gift today is a question from an owl.
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