Day 251 You Are Here

August 17, 2015 

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

Every once in a while, I stop and consider where I am in my journey and then mentally mark my day with “you are here.” This often becomes part of conversations with people I meet. Not long ago, we hosted Couchsurfers from New Zealand. They are young but after several years of global adventures, they have a clear vision of their life map and how to navigate. Matty shares his life philosophy here:

“I live in a reality of my own design.

"It took me nearly two years to understand fully but now it’s something I really believe.  Maybe not everyone agrees, but to me it means that we are responsible for our own lives. For better or worse, we have control of our own reality.  We are the architects of our own existence and therefore we have the power to accept the way our lives are or if we so choose - to change them. 

"I believe our reality is a cumulative result of our choices, actions and reactions, and we have the conscious power to change these and therefore our own reality too.  It makes me accountable for everything in my life and although I appreciate that every now and then something really lucky or unlucky may come our way – if you can take it in your stride and focus on living the life you really want, make conscious decisions that move you closer to that life, then happiness is inevitable. 

"Life is short and it’s precious. It’s a gift - let’s not waste it. Appreciate what we have, learn from our mistakes and control our own reality; make it exactly what we want it to be.I’m Matty, and I live in a reality of my own design.”

I am here—68% through my 70th year.

My gift today is my own reality design.

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