Day 261 Harmony

August 27, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

When we focus on daily news, we see a world gone bad with wars, murders, bullying, unrest, bickering and general nastiness of the human race. But the view is much different if we spend time under the wings of creativity to conceive new connections and lift us above the fray.

Tonight I had the opportunity to photograph and watch a Baltimore group of musicians working on a project that will communicate a positive message. Just like Michael Owen created 20 love walls for us to see all around Baltimore, the Baltimore Song of Unity project will sound out love. Inspired by the conflict in Baltimore earlier this year and wanting to do something positive, these artists are working on a We Are the World type of song to unite hearts. 

As I watched them work together, I noticed the dynamics of a diverse group of people working to build something together. Sahffi Lynne, originator of this project, acted as facilitator as the ideas for both lyrics and tune were tossed out enthusiastically. Everyone was respected and heard. As each person spoke or sang a phrase, I could almost see these ideas moving like a tangible golden thread, weaving a unity fabric—over and under and through. Diverse musicians were creating beauty together. 

Some people have abandoned Baltimore, physically and emotionally. The city’s problems are multifaceted, run deep and will take many years to address. But rather than despair and retreat, artists create. Baltimore’s rebirth may begin with its fantastic art community. I believe that the potential of art is to turn ugliness into beauty, despair into hope, apathy into empathy, hate into love, conflict into harmony. 

My gift today is watching the birth of an idea.

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