Day 253 Four Weeks

August 19, 2015
(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

First thing this morning, I was watering potted plants outside and listening to the loud cicada chorus. They seem to sing forever—morning, noon and at least part way into the night. I was thinking that they seemed to be even louder and clearer than usual until my eyes landed on a lone cicada just two feet from me, vying for a lead spot in the performance. It sang loudly and clearly, unconcerned that it was not a special 17-year variety but one in brood IV or brood XXXII. It is seldom that I see these singers and I was delighted for the opportunity to see this one with its beautiful transparent green wings.

As the sun was setting this evening, we took our Belarusian guests to our community beach and walked out on the pier. The cicadas were going strong as the sky painted pink and rosy grays across the horizon. Add to the scene a little breeze and rippling water in Gray’s Creek to create a magic aura, an invitation to be in the moment.

Since cicadas live for only a few weeks, I suppose their passionate singing must indicate that they are making the most of their short lives. Their song is a constant reminder to us humans who also have numbered lives. So I listen every day to the cicadas and am thankful that I have another day to enjoy their song. 

My gift today is another day to listen.

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