Day 242 Susurrus Encounters

August 8, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)


Onomatopoeia, a constant companion, scurries through my days. The susurrus sounds are my favorite. Often I first hear a quick rustling sound, then a pause, then more whishes. As my footsteps approach a clump of bushes in the park or as I climb the steps outside my house, I frequently hear sounds but do not see anything, no matter how long I search. It is good to know that other creatures are occupying this space with me. 

Today, as I was watering plants on the back porch, I heard these sounds again, but could sense they were more frantic because the onomatopoeia was not allegro but vivace. This time I saw a flash of neon and I turned off the hose to see what tiny creature had been in the pot. A small skink covered with water drops was frantically and unsuccessfully trying to crawl out of the plastic pot’s slippery side. Its blue neon tail kept flipping back and forth in its efforts. I admired the saturated blue tail and the flow of its body but felt its panic…the baby skink had some human help in escaping a slippery path out. I would hope that a helping hand would do the same for me should I be unable to maneuver a slippery slope.

My susurrus environment is nature’s purr to my ears. The sounds awaken my senses and curiosity. They are a comforting reminder that we humans are not alone, that we share the world with tiny, often unseen creatures—all of them fascinating. 

My gift today is a blue neon tail.

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