Day 235 Illumination

August 1, 2015

(If we live with an open and grateful attitude, every day will bring a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

Word cloud created from Ivan Doig's quotations
Words play different roles in literature. In some books, they are instructions that lead you through a narrative. In other books, they are muddy paths that suck at your footsteps and impede the journey. Sometimes words are like glitter tossed into the air and every spot sparkles until the rain washes the glitter away. Author Ivan Doig’s words in The Whistling Season subtly take up residence as a tour guide carrying a lantern inside the reader. Sometimes the guide extinguishes the lantern so that we might better see the illumination from the stars. In the author’s words, he becomes a “provider of moonbeams when I wanted full illumination.” 

To best illustrate the word power of Doig, I spotlight a few quotations from his book

“Whatever little else we know about the properties of existence, we map our days and nights by the fires in the heavens…Threads of light traveling to us across tremendous time show us that the stars hang there, beyond high. Sunlight grants us sustenance of life as we know it, moonlight clothes us in our particular fabrics of quest called dreams.” 

“The circumference of love depends on the angle you see it from…” 

“Even when it stands vacant the past is never empty.”

 “ meet up with what inevitability does to possibility.”

“You carry a lantern when you go into the darkness, don’t you? The traveling bodies of the cosmos do the same. The impulse to illumination somehow is written into the heavenly order of things. The sun, stars, they all carry light, that seems to be their mission in being.”

"Light is the desire of the universe."

Perhaps the mission of mortal beings also is to carry light.

My gift today – words.

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