Day 188 Well-Versed

June 15, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th years where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

Of the poets shown here, three have moved and Elizabeth McWethy (3rd from left) passed away a year ago this Wednesday. There were seven poets who met today. Published 2006 in The Arundel Sun.

On the third Monday of every month, some magic happens in Annapolis when I meet with a small group of people to play with words. This group of poets has been meeting for about 15 years, sharing and commenting on original poetry. Milestones mark the passing years. We have published two anthologies with our poetry. Some poets have left the group through death or moving and new people have joined us. Many are older than I am and are wonderful role models in their pursuit of creating, learning and sharing.

Every month we first catch up with personal lives and then begin focusing on poetry. We each bring one of our poems with enough copies to share and take turns. One reads her poem and then the person to the left reads the same. We discuss strengths and offer suggestions for revision. Although some poets now walk into our new meeting room with slow steps and sometimes canes, once we begin our discussions, they show agility on a verbal playing field.

~ We play together—chasing words across pages, pursuing poetry, shoving words out of line, inviting others to join the rhyme from time to time.

~ We play together juggling sounds and meanings, weaving in and out of ideas, alliterating among similes, transforming starched syllables into galloping metaphors.

~ We play together—each dancing different steps, affirmed by teammates gently suggesting a high kick or swivel to improve the rhythm.

~ We join together—sharing more than words, gaining more than points, learning more than skills— finding ourselves.

 My gift today is my poet friends.


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