Day 175 Trifolium

June 2, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th years where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

Are there any four-leaf clovers here?
There are three main parts to any narrative—beginning, middle, end. In other words, there is a decision, a process and a result. Is any part more important than another? 

I made a decision to pursue my doctorate and when I was 60, I earned a Doctor of Communications degree from the University of Baltimore. The decision was a big one because it would require a huge commitment of cost, time and energy. During my studies, I tackled challenges and grew intellectually. A bonus was new friendships that have been cultivated and continue today. Of course, receiving the degree was a pleasure and it is hanging framed in my office, but what brought me the most satisfaction was the pursuit of the degree. 

On a smaller scale, which is most important—the decision to look for a four-leaf clover, the search or the result?

My lawn is growing clover, which I prefer over ordinary grass. Today these three-leaf plants beckon me to search for a four-leaf clover, which might be called unique or deformed, depending on perspective. I look for the unique. How will my search unfold? Traditionally, each of the three leaves is symbolic—one for faith, a second for hope, a third for love and a fourth for luck. I read that the most leaves ever found on a single stem of a clover is 56 and was discovered in 2009 by Shigeo Obara in Japan. He certainly has an abundance of luck with his find.

My life has been full of luck: I was born in a loving family; my health is not debilitating; I have a decent home; I’ve met many interesting people and am surrounded by good friends; I have been able to travel; I won a $4,000 second-place prize in a Kodak photo contest; I won a Fulbright to Japan; I have a wonderful husband and daughters. And much, much more. Obviously, I have much to be thankful for and have no need to find a lucky fourth leaf. However, the search—the process—is always an adventure. 

My gift today is searching.

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