Day 179 X-Rated

June 6, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th years where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

 And the seasons they go round. ~ The Circle Game

Spring is merging into summer and I’ve noticed merges in various forms just about every day this week. Two small black spots appeared stuck to the side of my house but when I looked again, I discovered that the dark spots were actually two tiny baby-size flies mating. Although I know flies participate in this activity, I never actually thought about them doing it. Obviously they do though because as the summer moves along, they begin attacking my picnics in droves.

Being somewhat of a voyeur, I tried to look closely at the ½ inch flies, but even with reading glasses on, I could not see much. The flies did not seem to mind performing for an audience because they didn’t move much at all. I went in to get my camera with its macro lens and snapped two or three photos before they decided they were finished and flew away in a blink. 

It was only after I looked at my photos on my computer that I was able to see the incredible detail that I caught with my camera. I may not like flies and am guilty of killing my share of the pests, but I certainly found their coupling fascinating. It especially boggles my mind to think that this activity that has caused so much fuss— on television, in movies, in the bedroom, in human drama—is a common bond that all creatures share. Yes, even flies do it. 

My gift today is diptera fornication.

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