Day 192 Kerning and Purple Toenails

June 19, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th years where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

ANC members leave after weekly lunch at Roman's Place, 2 S. Decker Ave. in Baltimore.
The ANC & YWA  meets every Friday at Roman's Place for lunch. Roman's is a classic Baltimore family-owned bar and small restaurant close to Patterson Park where the owner’s daughter, Andrea, remembers everyone’s name and their menu preferences. The glue that binds the Aging Newspapermen’s Club and Young Women’s Auxiliary is a mutual connection with local journalism, but mostly The Baltimore Sun. Most have worked there at some point in their lives but others, like me, are also welcome. Some are retired and others are still involved with journalism.

Also in common: intelligence, curiosity, talent, friendship and a desire to continue their connection — to reminisce, to discuss current topics and to support one another during life’s transitions. Conversation on Fridays might go anywhere. Today at my end of the table, topics covered blackjack card counting, kerning, purple toenails, Leonard Bernstein, Stacey Patton, transgenders, radio shows, Mosby-Baltimore politics, Sun hiring experiences, guitars and Blaze Starr. A few people at the table had had connections with burlesque's famed Blaze Starr, who died this week. 

During the conversation on transgenders, David and I had a few things to add to the conversation. Our former son-in-law is now our daughter-in-law.  One person said, “I am learning a lot today.” I remarked that this is a more open world that we are living in now and I spoke about the difference between gender identity and sexual preference. Another person announced, “I am heterosexual and am attracted to women.” The learner said, “Is that allowed?” 

I don’t mention anyone by name because these are private conversations among a group of friends. And I certainly will not name the man who had a pedicure and wound up with Raven-purple toenails. 

My gift today and  nearly every Friday is the ANC & YWA.


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