Day 173 Ephemeral Parade

May 31, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

I had never heard of the 100 Happy Days Foundation, a foundation that organized a global flashmob, a worldwide bubble parade on this day. This is the first year that Baltimore has participated, thanks to Mary England, Baltimore's local street artist and quirky, perky personality.

On this day, groups in more than 31 cities assembled and made a little magic in Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S.  In offbeat Hampden today, people of all ages allowed their inner child to shine...and, despite the heat, there were lots of smiles and strange outfits.

I have always been drawn to bubbles and was the organizer of the bubble activity at my daughter's elementary school's fall fest every year. I searched for the best recipe and aimed to create large bubbles that floated gracefully above the heads of children. It was especially delightful when a child was able to twirl with the bubble wand and create a rainbow tunnel around her dancing body.

It doesn't matter that the fragile spheres are ephemeral. What does matter is their beauty and the continuing magic they create in us if we allow. I love how the soapy surface tension interacts with light and colors in the environment and then constantly shifts and changes. I used to watch children at the fair chase huge bubbles and jump to pop them and then giggle in delight. For the children, I don't think it was a desire to destroy as much as it was a desire to connect with the magic and amazement at how a touch of their finger created huge sprinkles that rained on them.

It is another kind of magic that diverse people all around the globe can find a common connection in something so ethereal.

My gift today is a bubble.


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