Day 153 Splashing

May 11, 2015

 (This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

I knew her when she was in middle school, a string bean of a girl, vivacious and full of fun. Sleepovers and giggles abounded during the sleepovers at our house. I knew her when she and my daughter Lauren devised a plan to sneak off to Ocean City by themselves and left David and me worried all night long. I knew her when we sent her and Lauren off to Ireland after high school graduation. I knew her before I knew what a life coach was—someone who guides, counsels and encourages others with their careers, choices and personal challenges. Now Tara is a life coach, a career that was not an option as such until the 90’s.   

David and I spent some time with her catching up, taking photos of her for her Web site and laughing a lot. She worked hard training, learning, practicing. Now she’s able to travel and work from wherever she is because today’s technology has made this possible. I see a young woman who has a purpose and who believes in herself and others, someone who has gained confidence and control of her life by spending time helping others. And tonight our daughter’s childhood friend took us out to dinner. Did I say that Tara smiles a lot?

An authentically aligned life is one where you are the same person everywhere you go, not seven different people. Everything you do in every area of your life is aligned with your true soul." ~ Tara Baldwin

To succeed in life—whatever the goal—it is essential to kick up some water. We can’t sit back and merely let the water flow over us, however it will. We need to splash and explore the velocity of the drops we create. We need to determine what we want to do with this knowledge and then act on it. And we need to believe in ourselves. 

My gift today is Tara’s unending smile.

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