Day 158 Ontology of Space and Place

May 16, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

New Beginnings Barbershop and Art Gallery

What is the difference between the space and place?  I believe that space exists in isolation with no social connections. I have a space in my thoughts that remains only my thoughts and that I do not share with others. There is a space during the night when dreams roam about in my subconscious. Space exists in isolation.

On the other hand, places live because of people; they are locations created by human experiences. When I was a child, a family place was our dining room where we ate my mother’s home-cooked meals together after saying grace and shared our experiences. It was a place with rules—the table was set properly, we did not sing at the table, we did not talk with our mouth full of food and we did not correct our parents if they used an improper verb. It was a safe, respectful and accepting place for all, where we children learned empathy as we were often reminded of the feelings of others during our discussions.

Tonight I spent time in a special place in Baltimore. Without the people, without the art, without acceptance and support, it would be merely a space. But New Beginnings Barbershop is more—it is a community. When people get their hair cut there, it is more than a cut, clip and shave experience. It is a place where people can listen and talk. Owner Troy Staton has created something that does not merely exist but that is alive with humanity and connections.

The walls are covered with art—a combination barbershop and art gallery. Tonight was the opening there of my meetup group Creative Exposure Baltimore's photography exhibit. At first, we had to postpone the opening because of racial unrest in Baltimore earlier in the month. The opening last night was a celebration, a coming together of a diverse group of age, race, and experience. This special place offered an eclectic experience for community to gather, share, explore, meet new friends, and to feel good. Places like this have the power to heal and encourage growth.

It is good people who make good places.” ~ Anna Sewell, Black Beauty

 My gift today is a special place.

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