Day 78 – Dialogue

February 25, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

A cold walk with my husband in our neighborhood today resulted in a strange conversation. The streets are clear of ice now but predictions are for more snow tomorrow. If we walk from one end to the other of our two-way-dead-end street, it is about a mile round trip. If we had chosen to walk all the way to Gray’s Creek and back, it would have been a two-mile round trip.  Given the temperature, we opted for the shorter walk today.

When we walk together in Downs Park, David often kicks gum balls fallen on the ground from the gum trees. He makes a game of seeing how long he can repeatedly kick the balls without them rolling off the paved path. He is good at doing this. Better than I am.

He is also better than I am when it comes to talking with birds. I cannot whistle well. His whistle comes close to the bird sounds. Today on our walk, a crow caw sounded over our heads in a nearby tree. Although the birds are cousins, I know it wasn’t a raven because ravens sound like a crow with a hoarse throat.

“Auk! Auk!” As we walked, I listened with delight to the two-way conversation between man and bird.

“Auk! Auk!” For a moment, I thought maybe the crow understood David’s auks and might even come closer to investigate. However, we soon heard another auk from a distant tree and the nearby crow flew away toward the other bird. Maybe David needs to fine-tune his crow caw.

My gift today was an “auk” conversation.

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