Day 57 – From a Distance

February 4, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

Without exception, every time I walk in Downs Park, nature offers gifts without fanfare…a gray squirrel scolding from a branch above, a bullfrog ballooning its yellow throat as it calls across the pond to its future mate, white bobbing tails of deer as they prance away from my approaching footsteps, a hoot owl softly reminding me that things I don’t see are still there. One magical afternoon, a butterfly even accompanied me for a quarter mile as it sampled flowers along my path.

Today was no exception. Near the end of my walk, I noticed a fallen log covered with what looked like toilet paper. At first, I thought a prankster had accessorized the dead wood. Then I thought maybe it was remnants of snow but no snow was in sight anywhere else. My curiosity drove me to get closer, even though my way was hindered by sticker bushes. I carefully tread on the stickers and gently removed a few that clung to me. Once I was closer, I could see that the log appeared to be covered with some kind of lichen such that I have never seen. Soft, large and very white, it adorned the log like clothing. From a distance it was not anything like what I saw when I examined it closer.

I have found this often to be the case with people. From a distance, they appear to be one thing but closer up, they are totally different. Anyone who approaches them must brave the brambles they surround themselves with. Perhaps they are afraid of someone seeing them as they are? That’s a shame because I usually find the close-up view is always better and it’s worth a few scratches to get to know the real person.

My gift today is a close-up view.

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