Day 56 – The Other Side of Certainty

February 3, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

Today bubbles giggled against my body as a cinnamon candle flickered near the bathtub. Immersed in warm happy water, I wondered if other people feel the laughter of bubbles too.

So many people seem to speak in absolutes while I have hundreds of questions. I used to be jealous of their certainty, their 20-20 objectivity. My vision must have been born from a kaleidoscope or a microscope or an inner scope. Others hear sounds from clear and certain places but I hear shadows sliding and unspoken whispers from ambiguous spaces. While I might eat the same garden fresh peas that others eat, I taste only green dream particles. A fresh rose bloom brings not the scent of perfume, but rich brown earth stirred up by a worm. I look up when others are looking down. I photograph cracks in walls while they snap cracking smiles. They ask who and I ask why. They rave about exotic cruises while I ramble about dust in ghost towns. They look at life from the outside and then in, while I always begin on the inside and am constantly lost, sometimes even forgetting there is an outside at all.

Unable to get the hang of the popular perspective, I used to wish that I was certain about where to begin and when and how to end. I finally gave up and learned to embrace my inside-out upside-down vision. It is a view from the inside of a kaleidoscope and it is a joy!

Today’s gift is giggling bubbles.                 

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