Day 233 Melting Moment

July 30, 2015

(If you are open to receiving it, every day brings a gift. This is one of 365 gifts during the year I turned 70.)

“Come, look—quick!” I was on the phone but David insisted that I look at the light glow outside our house, right before the sun would sink below the horizon. I knew it would last for only a few seconds longer but I ran to get my camera and caught the light just as it was dropping over the edge. There was no time to get a perfect magic photo but the feeling of the moment seeped into my mind and stroked it. The red geranium and my new red Yaris were glowing vibrantly while a unicorn in the flower box was soaking in the joy of the glow. 

This is the time of the day when, for a few seconds, the sun seems to stand still and time is suspended for an infinite moment. Shades of red melt and touch everything within sight, creating a fleeting radiance. For a few seconds, time holds a knowing beyond thought and reason, a knowing that you cannot go back and that before you give in to the darkness, you must breathe the magic light of today. It is this breath that lights your spirit and gives it a glow that sustains you.

We call it dusk but that word does not do the feeling justice. The sun is setting but that phrase does not work either because “setting” suggests an ending and, to me, this time of the day suggests a beginning that touches everything that will come tomorrow.

My gift today is a momentary glow.

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