Day 224 Solar

July 21, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

At Artscape this past weekend, I saw an exhibit of cooking with the sun. Actually, the sun wasn’t out at the time but once it came out, things would start cooking. A pot was positioned on a holder in the middle of highly reflective surface. This photovoltaic system used the concentrated heat attracted by the mirror to do the cooking. It looked like a good idea for those who live off the grid and for those who want to harness the sun’s power rather than depending on the gas and electric company to provide fuel.

This reminded me of the iced tea that my husband David makes. He mixes several different flavor of tea bags with water, puts it in a container and sets it out in the sun for several hours. Then he brings it into the house and pours his drink into a glass with lots of ice cubes. 

I hadn’t had his iced tea in a while and today felt like an iced tea day. I usually drink my water at room temperature but I always add ice to my iced tea, even if it is already cold from being in the frig. I never add lemon or sugar and today it tasted especially good. I added some fresh mint leaves that friend Brycia had delivered and drank several glasses at once. It was a tasty thirst quencher with no calories.

My gift today is homemade sun-brewed tea.

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