Day 216 Copulation and Cornholes

July 13, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

A drive to Maryland’s eastern shore to visit our daughter and son-in-law led us to a day in the sun followed by an evening boat ride and dinner at a popular seashore spot.

It had been a long time since David and I had gone to the beach, and daughter Lauren made sure that she re-introduced us to this pleasure. Her friends, Kristin and Tony, have a pontoon boat, which took us to Assateague Island with dogs Roxy and Maddie. Our daughter’s friends made sure we enjoyed ourselves with beach chairs, umbrella, music, drinks and a game of cornhole—though I’m not too sure they were pleased with David winning most of the games. We laughed a lot and relaxed, and I had a wonderful fruit drink with a mysterious recipe.

During this laid-back afternoon,  we witnessed horseshoe crabs mating—even a ménage-a-trois. With lots of giggles, Lauren filmed a video of Tony doing a fake newscast about the horseshoe crabs. After a walk to the ocean’s edge, Lauren and friends jumped for me as I took photos. Giggles and laughter wove their way through silliness. That evening, son-in-law Matt took us on his boat to Seacrets, a popular place among the Ocean City young set. Dinner and company were relaxed and I noticed how spontaneous Lauren’s laughter was, even in moments of interaction with the waiter.

What stands out in my mind this day is our daughter’s contagious laughter. It seemed to thumb its nose at health and employment issues and affirm the joy of embracing the moment. Sometimes parents lose perspective and it is their children who help bring them back to pure enjoyment of life.

My gift today is laughter.

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