Day 209 Pink Fish Tongue

July 6, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th years where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

Late afternoon sun filters through the living room curtains, a wine glass sits next to me, and I hold a library book in my lap. Gentle sounds of water fill my space. No TV. No radio. No street sounds. There is only the rhythm of water bubbling out of a ceramic fish mouth. What peace!

Not long ago at SOWEBO Fest, I saw a charming fish fountain at one of the art booths. It was a goofy looking fish surrounded by marbles and stones in a pink bowl. I kept returning to the display, listening to the sound of water and smiling at the silly looking fish sticking its tongue out at me. Later I led David to the artist’s booth and he too liked the whimsical ceramic and we bought it. We were drawn to the whimsy.

Whimsy? That is a rarely used word. What does it mean? Dictionary definitions don’t quite make it: playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor; a thing that is fanciful or odd. What does that mean? 

For me, whimsy has to do with spontaneous smiles, unabashed abandonment of adulthood, a magic embrace, thoughts floating on a sunbeam and purr of the moment surrounding me.  

This afternoon, whimsy pouring through a pink fish’s mouth inspired a smile, peace, connection and a sense of wellbeing. 

My gift today is whimsy.

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