Day 227 Nude Mannequins

July 24, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day’s gift.)

Mannequins at Second Chance in Baltimore
Things and actions are propelled by human connections full of concern, creativity and whimsy. Whatever I observe, I always think about the people behind them.

Today I saw a get-well card passed around the table for Mike, a member of the Aging Newspapermen’s Club that meets at Roman’s every Friday for lunch. Everyone signed the card with concern for Mike, a regular who recently was hospitalized for a serious fall. Another regular, Jim, who had visited him at rehab just before lunch, showed a photo he had taken of Mike with his middle finger raised. I admire Mike’s spunk as he deals with ten broken ribs and other injuries from the fall—all after yet other serious health problems. The man behind the finger has an exceptional attitude that will get him through this.

On the way home from lunch, David and I stopped at Second Chance, a huge store founded with the  purpose of creating employment and training for Baltimore city residents who have employment challenges. The warehouse, a most interesting place, gathers usable items from demolition projects and offers them for resale in an effort to address environmental issues. We saw remarkable scale architectural models of houses that David and I envisioned as part of a miniature train ride setting for children. Along a wall in another section, I saw a row of headless mannequins posed artistically and I wondered about the person who had such a sense of whimsy to arrange them this way. The mannequins could have been displayed thoughtlessly as a line of objects but someone decided to pose each one as if she had a personality.

Then we stopped at the Horseshoe Casino and saw the card architecture by Bryan Berg who has created, with utmost patience and steadiness, Baltimore and Washington landmarks out of playing cards. I could not look at the card city without thinking about the human hands that had constructed it.

It is the human connection that creates an extra dimension to all things that I experience.

My gift today is the human-object connection.

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