Day 8 - Good News / Bad News

December 17, 2014

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year. Each day I will find a gift the day brings, write about it and illustrate it.)

Part of being alive is the “good news”/ “bad news” seesaw. For example, “Good news—you will live.” “Bad news—you will feel miserable for a week with that bad cold.” The good news regarding this example is that right now I do not have a bad cold. The bad news is that there is no cure for the common cold.

Today I saw my ophthalmologist. Several years ago I had cataract surgery in both eyes and now I enjoy 20-20 distant vision. However, my arms have grown too short for reading so I wear cheap drugstore magnifying reading glasses for close-up vision.

Not bad at my age, but eyes, like parts of an old car, always show signs of wear over the years. One of my eyes is beginning to show the type of deterioration that eventually leads to macular degeneration. Definitely not good news. However, as I ride to the top of the seesaw, I remind myself that I am lucky to live at this time in history. Medical research offers so much these days. My doctor reminded me that vitamins and dark green leafy vegetables appear to slow down the degenerative process. I guess there will be extra helpings of certain vegetables on my plate from now on.

The good news is that I love spinach and kale. The bad news is that my digestive system does not.

Today’s gift is incentive.

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  1. Isn't marijuana good for your eyes? Perhaps, this is an excuse for medical marijuana in your future.


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