419 SCAM

Today I received a very polite message from a "Mrs. Bustillous" who wants to go into business with me because she liked my profile--wherever it was. She wants to invest in our country and she wants me to help her. Wow! Not!

This particular message, called a 419 scam, is a little longer than most of these scams that I receive. As I read it, I wondered how many people are sucked in and lose money and why. The why is the human weakness of wanting something for nothing. The numbers are staggering:

( This month Ultrascan released statistics on how many victims fell for Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud scams. According to the report, there are more than 800,000 organized perpetrators globally, many coming from Nigeria, and that number is growing by 5% annually. The scam is called a Nigerian 419 scam because the method originated in Nigeria and 419 is the number of the article in the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. To be considered a Nigerian 419 scam, the perpetrator does not need to be in Nigeria, but does need to have a West African connection and must require some advance fees. According to the report, roughly 85,000 of perpetrators come from the “Nigerian Diaspora” residing in 69 different countries.

Here is a copy of the message I received:

          Mrs. Younis Ada

          From Mrs. Bustillous Ada Younis Al-Obeidi?

"My  Respect,

 "First of all, It will make a good sense to begin with an identification of my humble self after a brief cross over over your profile.  My name is Mrs. Bustillous Ada  Younis Al-Obeidi Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Abdul Fatah Younis Al-Obeidi  who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. My late Husband was loyal companion and a business representative of President Muammar Al-Gaddafi. My late Husband served as a senior military officer in Libya. My late husband held the rank of Major General and the post of minister of interior, but resigned on 22 February 2011 to defect to the rebel side in what was to become the Libyan Civil War. He was considered a key supporter of Muammar Gaddafi or even No. 2 in the Libyan government.

"Secondly, it took i and my children one full month of constant prayer and fasting for God's intervention in my decision making process on who to choose to sponsor and mange this fund and gold for us. This is because there are a lot of internet scams and heartless individual who could eliminate us just to posses my possession. But, hopefully, you are the right person for this job.

"Though,  we have not seen face to face but something in me tells me that I made the best choice in choosing you as my partner, sponsor and fund manager.

"In resigning, my late husband urged that the Libyan army should "join the people and respond to their legitimate demands from seceding from the autocratic government of Ghadafi.On 29 July 2011, my husband was brutally murdered by members of an anti-Gaddafi militia.

"Since the death of my husband, and the killing of my 2 son, i have been in Benghazi. After the killing of the police boss and the disorganization of present administration by the deadly militia, things has never been the same in Libya. Murder, Kidnapping and Rape has been the order of the day. Fundamental Human Right only exist in theory but practically, it is far from obtaining. On this ground, i want to relocate to a peace loving country where there is still respect for human life.

"However, i would like to invest massively in your country. I must be truthful and admit that i have never been into business before and for this reason, am looking forward expectantly to engaging your service as my business partner, sponsor and fund manager. I seek an honest , transparent and God fearing person to partner with me over this investment.

"It's my honour and privilege to connect with you personally. We have several opportunities to work together to make a beautiful world of association especially in Project like Gold and fund investment.

"I  am contacting you regarding my urgent need to establish a mutual business relationship. it is going to be a long term business relationship with mutual benefit , and am interested in investing on this following project stated below. 1. Real Estate project 2. Expansion of business 3.Power plant project 4. Agricultural project 5. Querying 6.Mining 7. School project,8. Oil and Gas,9. Gold or any other kind of  business you can handle e.t.c. If you are interested you can revert back to me for more details

"Having said this, i want to make it clear to you that for us to conquer this project, we have got to make a formidable force. This force is all about determination, dedication, transparency, absolutely honesty and truthfulness. Any relationship, especially a business relation ship that lack any of the above ingredients, their aim will fall like a pack of badly arranged cards.

          Mrs. Bustillous Ada Younis Al-Obeidi"

It boggles my mind that people respond like this Oregon woman who lost $400,000.

I guess that is why these scams continue because there are a few suckers who make it worthwhile.

Read more about these scams:

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