Day 13 - Rainy Day

December 22, 2014

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year. Each day I will find a gift the day brings, write about it and illustrate it.)

Rain, rain go away. Come again some other day. Everyone knows this familiar English nursery rhyme; some will remember the Peter, Paul and Mary song, It’s Raining (1962) and other musician-created rain music. And it seems that everyone complains about rain. Like anything, rain is both good and bad. It gives fish a place to swim, makes the grass grow and brings us drinking water. It can also seep into basements, make more mowing necessary and ruin parades.

But I don’t complain about it when I consider that water is a serious issue for millions of people around the world. As many as 780 million people lack access to clean water—two ½ times the US population—and 3.4 million people die each year from a water related disease—nearly equal to the population of Los Angeles. Even though my well water turns white dishes yellow and makes gray stains in bathroom fixtures, I am lucky to have access to water that does not threaten my health.

Rain appeals to my creative and meditative side. I’ve always been mesmerized watching raindrops run down a window. As a child, I used to claim individual drops and predict which one would win the race to the bottom. Now as an adult, I marvel at their beauty as I take close-up photos of the drops and I embrace its sound as I snuggle inside in my dry bed or with a good book. It is a calming sound. Life is good, even when it rains. We might as well accept it since we can’t do anything about the weather.

However, if I lived on HD 189733b, a planet NASA discovered in 2005, I might complain about the glass rain in 4500 mph winds.

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