Day 125 Breakfast Season

April 13, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

There are only a few weeks in spring and in autumn when I can have a comfortable breakfast outside on my back deck. Other times, it is too cold or too hot or pollen is raining down or mosquitos are on the attack. Every year I look forward to the breakfast season and relish these times when I can feel the breeze and hear its breath. I love to have a leisure tea and breathe in a new day.

I am not much of a breakfast person, but this is David’s favorite meal to cook and today I took him up on his breakfast offerings. This morning, I ate poached eggs, sausage and avocado outside while chickadees fed from the feeder just a few feet away. I looked up and watched a performance by the loblollies in my back yard. The breeze played its tune and the trees swayed, waving its branches around, transforming from inanimate to animate. It was a priceless dance. 

Our inner power, our resourcefulness, comes from the quiet inside. Your harmony with the world grows out of your harmony with your inner world. Roderick MacIver

Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance,
And there is only the dance.
– T.S. Eliot

It is times like this morning that I feel part of something bigger than I am. 

My gift today is a dance.

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