Day 124 Andrea’s Watercolors

April 12, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

Paintings © Andrea Gingerich

Recently our friend Andrea invited David and me to choose three of her beautiful watercolors in appreciation for our reaching out to her in love at a time when she really needed it. Today I framed them as a vertical triptych. Although I like blue, it is not my favorite color. It is curious to me that two of our choices are predominantly blue. I cannot explain why I was drawn to them except that they suggested depth and narrative. I am amazed at the emotion that Andrea is able to communicate in these small 4” x 6” images. They are delicate but powerful at the same time, a paradox of their own. 

She is beginning to title her watercolors. The third one in my photo above is Reflections; the middle one is Magic in the Twilight; the top one is untitled. As I studied them, the missing title became obvious. My own title for the top one is Emerging. The three images suggest movement to me from blue/green to blue/green/orange to green/orange. The color also suggests a narrative that begins from the bottom up, a metaphoric positive climb. I believe that in any process that involves change, we must begin with reflection. Then some magic evolves in the twilight—the intermediate state— and finally something new emerges, born from the stages that existed before. In any journey, time chooses its own pace and we must flow with it. 

This art compels the viewer to explore the images and to emerge with one’s own personal narrative. Thank you, Andrea!

My gift today is an emerging narrative.

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