Day 122 Onomatopoeia

April 10, 2015

(This is part of a 365 project during my 70th year where I write and illustrate a blog on each day's gift.)

It was a sound that resonated to my bones and vibrated my heart. It was a sound that was an invisible touch.  It was purr-fect music and therapy from Misty, a senior cat with one green eye and one blue eye.

Misty lives with us now but she has a checkered past. My mother hated cats and would not allow any in her house but after she died, my father went to the shelter and picked out what turned out to be a very special cat he named Misty. She had been pregnant when the shelter got her but not much else is known about her early life. Misty brought comfort to my father who so missed his wife of more than 50 years, but when his Parkinson’s progressed, he had to sell his home and eventually move into a senior community. There was not enough physical space in his small apartment for a litter box. That was when David and I offered to take her. Then when we went to New Zealand and Australia, my father’s friend Ann, a childless widow, said she would look after Misty. They became so attached that we relinquished Misty to continue her mission in life as healer to the elderly. After six years, Ann passed away and now Misty has returned to us. 

This morning, Misty greeted and followed me around the house with her soft motor never stopping. It is a good sound that strokes the emotions. Some research has found that the vibrational frequency of a cat’s purr is beneficial to both cats and humans: it lowers stress, decreases symptoms of dyspnea, lowers blood pressure, promotes bone strength, reduces risk of heart attacks, helps healing of infection and swelling, helps with pain relief and helps healing of soft tissue. A cat lives in the assisted living facility at Oak Crest and it seems for good reasons. I cannot prove the science but I am witness to the psychological advantages. I would like to receive all of these physical benefits except I am allergic to cats. But that does not stop me from hearing and feeling Misty’s purr.

My gift today is a cat’s purr.

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  1. Wonderful story Bonnie. I live with 3 in the house and many more on the property, but am also allergic. I take my antihistamine religiously every night so that I can bask in the healing energies my cats so generously provide. :-)

    1. I know that Misty was especially good for Ann and my father. I often say that if she comes back in another life, it will be as a human.


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