London, our last destination before flying home...

Yesterday we spent time with friends in East Ham and got a short tour of the area.
Rob showed us an old building that has been turned into a bar but what most fascinated him was that the figures with nipples. He didn't seem to notice that they also had belly buttons.
I also shot a busy spider who didn't seem to notice the human with a camera.

We took the underground to Camden Locks area, quite abuzz with activity and hoardes of people, mostly young. This area is fantastic for people watchers.

Have you ever wanted an out-of-body experience? There's a workshop for you!

The end of the world has come to Camden Locks area.

We watched a young woman crank the mechanism to lower the water level and then push against a beam to open the gate.

Finally, we wandered about the crowded area that offered food from every part of the world and unusual seating for people lucky enough to find a place to sit and eat.

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