Denmark - North, Cold and Windy

For the last two nights, we stayed with Peter and Janice in Tornby (pop. 1000), Denmark where the wind blew cold and hard but the hospitality was warm. Janice, clay artist, and husband Peter, fisherman, live in an old two-room schoolhouse.

They showed us the North Sea where the wind was so strong that it was difficult to hold the camera still to take pictures--and where we saw an elderly woman strip and run into the sea for a refreshing (?) dip! Really!

We saw thousands of mackeral being loaded into trucks for the market and we also saw Peter's boat. He's been ill lately but is beginning to feel better so he can return to his fishing.

They showed us the remains of a church that dates back to 1200 or earlier. The sea is reclaiming the land that it is built on. We wandered about the remains and cemetery in the rain.

Janice also introduced us to their meals for the next year...half of a Calloway.

Meanwhile for our food Wednesday night, we ate mackeral...fixed so well that David even ate it and went back for seconds!

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