86,400 Seconds

Yesterday I lived 86,400 seconds and I am always grateful for all these seconds.
  • Driving early morning with my husband from Pasadena to the Whirligig Festival in Wilson, North Carolina.
  • Walking around the festival in a small town and admiring the festivity, color, imagination and creativity.
  • Meeting people on the street—a local Baptist minister and his wife, a couple who traveled to the festival all the way from Alaska because they love whirligigs.
  • Listening and watching the whirligigs in the park and admiring their construction by folk artist Vollis Simpson.
  • Returning at night to see the light schemes, find the light buttons and find the stars on the pavement which indicate the best spots to see the colorful reflections. 
  • Ending the night in our hotel bed next to my husband of 37 years.
In another month, I’ll be turning 73 and I appreciate more and more the wonderful seconds that fill my life each day. A gift.
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