Loring Cornish - Visionary Artist

Loring Cornish's mosaic glass house on Parkwood Avenue in Baltimore.
Photo © by Bonnie Schupp

Artist Loring Cornish standing on glass floor in a room inside his house. Photo © by Bonnie Schupp.

When you see Loring Cornish’s art, you can’t help but become a part of it. Stand outside his glass house studios on Parkwood Avenueand and you’ll understand why. Yes, it’s a glass house but you don’t see through.  Both you and your surroundings will be reflected in hundreds of mirrored mosaic pieces. His work captures both imagination and reflection of a different sort.

My husband and I first met Loring when he exhibited at the AVAM, the American Visionary Art Museum. He is not a trained artist but a visionary. He says in his artist statement: “I’m not a trained artist; they call me a visionary, an ‘outsider’ artist. My work comes out of my relationship with God. While I worship, I create, and while I create, I worship God.”

Cornish's fabulous glass bathroom (but with a glassless toilet seat).          Photo © by Bonnie Schupp. 

An out-of-this-world bathroom blew me away. I noticed the toilet seat was not made of glass...and that’s probably a good thing too.

Besides the sparkling mosaics, I was especially intrigued by a large piece that will be part of a one-man future exhibit at the Jewish Museum.

Justice, Respect, Liberty, Equality - Art by Loring Cornish.                    Photo © by Bonnie Schupp
I’m somewhat at a loss to describe the reflection that Loring Cornish’s work instills in me because I feel it won’t do his work justice. You can read more and see photos at the following sites but the best thing is to see his work in person.

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